Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for Orthodontics

Is your orthodontics practice using social media to its full potential? You could be missing out on attracting potential patients and engaging with your current ones. Check out these social media marketing strategies that we recommend to orthodontists that will help you increase your online engagement and reach your community.

1. Facebook

As an orthodontics practice, you should be targeting parents to get their kids in for a consultation. Eighty-four percent of Facebook users are adults ages 30-49, so you should be using Facebook to reach them.

2. Instagram

Bring your practice to life with Instagram! It’s a great way to give patients an insight into your practice and your team. An inviting and exciting practice is appealing for potential patients (especially kids and teens).

3. Facebook Ads

Creating targeted ads to attract patients is a great way to invest your marketing budget.

4. Social Media Handouts

Handing out social media cards at your office is a great way for people to know which social media platforms they can follow you on.

5. Ask for Engagement

People like to do what they’re told, so tell them what to do. Examples of this include asking for a comment, a like, a share, or a follow. This actually works more often than you think, so try it out!

6. Don’t Forget Pinterest

Although it may not be beneficial for your practice to have a Pinterest in terms of gaining new patients, it is beneficial because Pinterest is a great way to find interesting facts, blog posts, and infographics. These pieces of content work great to repurpose on your more active social media profiles.

7. Branded Images

A social media marketing plan with good branding is essential. When possible, use the same approach for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. A simple tool is Canva if you don’t have a great designer on staff.

8. Have Fun!

People are sometimes just on social media to get a good smile or laugh, so give it to them. You’ll be surprised by the awesome results!

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