The right marketing mix will help your orthodontic practice thrive. At InTech Orthodontics Marketing, we help orthodontic practices use the right marketing strategies to reach the correct audience in their market.

Orthodontic Marketing Strategies

Social media leads to patient starts

Having a social media presence is essential. Studies have found that the biggest opportunity for growth in the orthodontic industry is social media. It’s one of the most common marketing strategies that exist, and reports have shown that social media has a positive effect on new patient starts.

In a survey conducted by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, 94% of respondents say that they have established a company page on Facebook to support their practice. In the past, orthodontic practices used Yellow Pages, newspaper ads, and direct mail for advertising, but these, and others, have since gone by the wayside. If you get rid of old advertising forms at your orthodontic practice, you have to make sure to replace them with more dynamic and interactive marketing channels like Facebook.

Reviews are essential for new customers

A potential patient won’t even think about calling your office unless they see positive reviews on Google, Facebook, or other review sites. People also want to see a lot of reviews even before making an initial phone call. More than half of consumers that were surveyed said that a businesses rating was the most important factor in deciding where to go. The number of reviews was the second biggest factor in decision-making. Not only that, the number of consumers who want to see business responding to reviews is on the rise. It’s also important to continuously get reviews because only 4% of consumers said that they pay attention to reviews from over a year ago.

Content is key to building trust

Trust is, and has always been, an integral part of the transaction. It used to come from personal referrals and trusted centers of influence (dental offices) sending their patients your way. As orthodontic practices change, they need to adapt in order to survive. Orthodontic practices have to cut through the clutter so they can communicate their value and build trust in a patient before they even walk in the door. The way to do that is by crafting educational content that positions you as an expert in the field of orthodontics and posts that show the value you and your staff bring to a patient’s experience in your office.

All good things deserve a boost

The greatest content in the world means nothing if no one sees it. Facebook and Google allow targeted advertising to show up in front of the specific audience you want to convert. These powerful marketing tools are used to create and segment audiences based on your office’s geographic location. Before people even walk in the door, they have to build up trust in your practice, which is why useful, educational content is relevant to them. Individuals want to decide on their own whether or not they want to bring their kids to your orthodontic office, so it’s important to give them all of the information they need to make an informed decision.

If we build it, they will click

Each marketing strategy works on its own, but combining marketing strategies can be more successful. By encouraging current patients to share your social media posts, making sure positive reviews about your practice show up online, crafting educational content, and making sure the right people see the content when they need the information will help orthodontic practices gain more patients.