Owning and managing an orthodontic practice can be challenging. Throw a marketing plan in the mix, and it can be overwhelming! However, there are some simple things you can do that won’t deplete your time and resources and can help your patient list grow.

Easy Marketing Strategies To Get Patients in the Door

Hand deliver your business cards and/or your practice’s brochure to dentist offices in your area.

Make sure you bring some goodies along for the entire office like delicious snacks or an Edible Arrangement. It is great way to make new contacts. If the dentist is not available, spend time with the front office staff telling them a little bit about your practice.

Let’s have lunch! Invite a local dentist out to lunch or treat them to a cup of coffee if time is an issue.

This will go miles further than phone calls or an email!

Develop a new patient referral rewards program.

Encourage your patients to send their friends and family to see you. When they do, send them a gift card to a popular local restaurant or store. The dollar amount doesn’t have to be much. The fact that you are taking time to personally thank them will go a long way. Buying the gift cards from a local business is always a good idea as well. This can help build good will with local business owners in your area.

Plan a “Patient Appreciation Day.”

Pick one or two days a year and do something just for your patients. Promote the idea in your office with posters, flyers, and email your patient list with the details. For the special day treat them to the movies, bowling, or rent an event room at a place like Dave and Busters or local party venue. This good will can bring you many wonderful referrals!

Promote patient online reviews.

Simply ask your satisfied patients if they would mind writing a review for you on your Facebook page or on your Google + Local page. You would be surprised how many people are willing to do this for you. However, never offer gifts or other incentives in return for an online review and do not setup a review station or computer in your office for writing reviews. This is against Google’s guidelines and could cost you good ranking on Google’s search results. You can however email your patients a link to your Facebook or Google+ Local page so they do not need to search for those pages. The email will also serve as a good reminder about writing the review once they leave your office.

Source: accuteortho.com